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Vi raccontiamo Mette Hay, attraverso la sua selezione di cinque oggetti, senza limiti di genere, funzione e forma, perché su simple flair all is design.

Matte Hay ha fondato il brand omonimo con il marito Rolf nel 2002, diventando in pochi anni un brand iconico e portavoce di uno stile definito, con radici profonde nel design storico e un’immagine fresca, contemporanea.

Amiamo Hay per la capacità di tradurre in oggetti il lifestyle contemporaneo, lifestyle che abbiamo fatto nostro nel corso degli anni. La collaborazione per il lancio in Italia della collezione Kitchen Market ha già raccontato e sancito definitivamente questa vicinanza tra simple flair e il brand.

Siamo appena tornati da Copenhagen con la testa ancora piena di riferimenti ma a Milano abbiamo trovato ad accoglierci il primo Hay store in Italia, all’interno di Design Republic in Corso di Porta Ticinese 3, da sempre un punto di riferimento per il design nordico. Non poteva esserci novità migliore da raccontare dopo un viaggio in Danimarca.

Dalla Danimarca all’Italia, da Copenhagen a Milano, da Hay a Design Republic, per scoprire i 5 oggetti scelti da Mette e i suoi perché.

5 oggetti di Mette Hay

1 • Botanical Family. For me, an abundance of plants is one of the most important decorating elements for any space. We worked on this collection for a long time, experimenting with different materials to get a nice variety of textures and colors. I love how these pots add some freshness and life into a room, and they are perfect for mixing and matching.

2 • Jessica Hans Mug and Vase. Jessica Hans is someone I stumbled upon by accident, on Instagram, and we made an agreement to work together even though we had never met! Her work is extremely original, and everyone has an immediate and visceral reaction to her work. I personally drink my coffee every morning out of her mug, and it just feels so fun and positive with its bright colors and organic shape and textures.

3 • Panier. I had been looking for a bread-basket as perfect as the red baguette baskets you find all over Paris for a long time, so this collaboration with French designer Inga Sempe was a perfect solution to my problem. Her design was inspired by crumbs, which I think is really fun, and they come in a range of colors and sizes with quirky cutouts unique to each model.

4  • Coffee pot. I have a special feeling about working with Sowden, because one of my own first design objects was a calculator he designed for Alessi, given to me as a present from my father. Working with such a skilled and intelligent designer as George, you get more than what you see in the first glimpse of the product: this pot has a very complex brewing system that he invented, and it makes a really nice cup of coffee. This pot has been my favorite gift item throughout since its launch, because for me it is definitely what Hay represents: beautiful, functional, long-lasting design.

5  • Tool box by Shane Schenck. Shane is the external designer with whom I have collaborated on the most products, by far. He is one of my favorite designers, and I feel this tool box is one of his very best products. It’s super functional – great both for the office and in creative spaces – but it also suits the way a modern family lives, in a world where paper and drawing pens are often all over the dining table. Keeping that reality in mind, the toolbox helps us inject a little bit of order into our everyday mess.

Photo Credit: HAY

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